Silver Lining Technologies

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Silver Lining Technologies was founded in 2005 with a goal to address computer-consulting needs and customize solutions for small to medium sized business platforms.  Silver Lining Technologies provides superior customer service that is both reliable as well as cost-effective.  Silver Lining Technologies has grown to include a talented group of IT professionals which all have the same business philosophy, take care of the customer with the most professional level of services available today.  We are dedicated to maintain our lead in services offered including product and security development to keep our customers ahead of the technology field.

What makes Silver Lining Technologies unique is the attention we pay to detail as well as the client’s bottom line.  Each and every service request includes superior quality of work, and our commitment to service at a cost-effective level.

Silver Lining Technologies is now a trusted name in computer and network consulting, maintenance, and management servicing the Los Angeles and Orange county areas.


Why do you need Silver Lining Technologies?

§  Save Money

§  Valuable resource conservation

§  Less downtime means more productivity

§  No IT staff required on payroll (We take care of everything)

§  Network security from outside access as well as internal staff members

§  Growth management

§  Peace of Mind